Monday, November 1, 2010

UI design

Hi, I'm getting a mix feedback from different users on the new UI design.

Some folks like it very much but some doesn't like it at all... :(

Besides UI skin, if you have a better idea on layout or functionality, please post it here!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ver 3.5.0 donator version

3.5.0 donator version got sent out today!

If you're a donator but didn't receive an email from me, please send me an email with your name and donation account (paypal or google) to verify.

For next release, I'll try to send it out to the donator list first, then get some feedback before releasing to the market.

Friday, October 22, 2010

ver3.5.0 update

** Donation version update will also get sent out in ~3 days.

-Add new UI control skin
-Add touch button mapping

* you can change the button mapping in the option.
* if you want the old style UI, please select "onScreen Control UI" to Classic and "Screen Resolution" to Full Screen.


If you want to change or have a better idea on UI design, please comment at here :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

donation version (for those can't access paid apps)

CPS2HD is back in the market place!

If you can't access to CPS2HD in the market place, donation version (paypal/google checkout $5) is available.

Please email me ( for details.


For those who already donated, please send me an email with the following info.

-Full Name
-Paypal or Google checkout

For future update, I won't make the copy available publicly instead, will send out to these email list.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

V3.3.0 Update

* V3.3.0 Update *
-Add Bluetooth support
(please let me know if WiiMoteController works on EVO with this update)
-Add Trackball support (=P1)
-Add P1/P2 start under the menu

* Instruction *
Please go to the donation version section and download cps2hd.apk to reinstall.

If you have cps2hd installed already, it'll reinstall and doesn't require new activation.

Monday, June 28, 2010

HowTo Port Forwarding

First make sure you're connected to Wifi.

To find your ip address, click "Network Play-Wifi Buddy" and select Player 1.
It will print out your ip address and hit cancel.

Now, you need to configure your wireless router to forward the port 9919 to this ip address.

Here is a useful youtube video (only need to watch till 1:20)

If you have more than one wifi device, your ip address can be changed next time you connect. So, it' better to assign/lease a static ip address to your phone.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CPS2HD + Wiimote Controller

There is a free app called wiimote controller which lets you use wii controller over the bluetooth.

I tried it myself and it worked great! Highly recommending!

Thanks to Droiddoc97, here is youtube video demo.

v3.0.0 update + CPS2HD Wifi Online Play

v3.0.0 update details.
-Add a confirmation dialog for "back" button
-Add pause/resume functionality for "home" button
-Add online battle

Here is an instruction for the online battle

* setup *
1. enable wifi on your phone
2. find your mac address (eg. Setting->About Phone->Status or Hardware information)
3. have your wireless router to assign/lease a static ip address to this mac address
4. have your wireless router to forward port number 9919 to the ip address assigned from step #3.

For help, please search 'port forwarding' in Google or YouTube.

Once you're connected to the server, you have two menu options.

1. Create Room - let you create a game room for other player to join
* you can define a list of different games you'd like to play and let other player to choose the game

For example, you can enter "ssf2 csclub mvscj"
Player who wants to challenge you will notify you with one game. (eg. "mvscj")

After creating a room, you can press "home" button and do other stuff.
It will wait in a background process and notification will pop up when other player wants to join.

You can either "accept" or "decline" the challenge.

Once you accept (or being accepted) the challenge, please load the game rom that's hand-shaked between two players (eg. "mvscj").

During the game play, you can send a message from the menu option.

When you finish playing the game, press "back" button to exit.

Before exiting the game, if they wish, two players can exchange a message for the next game to play (eg. csclub) and simply, press "back" button to finish the current game and load the next rom file to play again.

2. Refresh Screen - check server for an update

** please note that online mode is still in a beta phase so, please have the right expectation :)

** it uses p2p connection so, try to play with a player close by your region to reduce the frame delay.

** if you have Nexus One and put your hand on top side of the phone, it will somehow impact wifi performance, very strange :( So, please try to hold it with your fingers to make a space in between or use Wii controller :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

CPS2HD Wifi Network Play (AD-HOC mode)

Starting from v2.0.0, network play is possible on CPS2HD.


Right now, it supports wifi buddy mode only and future update will have online battle mode.

For Wifi Network Play (AD-HOC mode), both players need to be under the same wifi network.
(if you have "Tethering" capability, you can enable it and have other phone to connect to your phone :)

1. Enable wifi from the phone setting and launch CPS2HD.
2. Select "Network Play-Wifi Buddy".
3. Select "Player 1" or "Player 2"

Player 1 -> select "Connect".
Player 2 -> Ask player 1 and enter his IP address.

4. Load the same rom



Frameskip level is set by the player 1 at the beginning and can't be changed at runtime.
If games run slow, you can adjust frameskip level at the option setting.

Friday, January 29, 2010

CPS2HD Multi-Touch Support

CPS2HD now supports touch control and it's multi-touch!

Touch Control (TC) instruction is pretty much same as cps2.

But in CPS2HD, the middle hotkey bar was removed since multi-touch is now supported :)

So, try to use the auto hotkey described in the previous post for easy move execution.

For example, hold down punch button and press right/left key to throw fire ball and then press up key to execute the uppercut!

Have a fun!

** The next update will have 2 players support over wifi network (AD-HOC mode).

**** and after that, plan to add online battle mode.