Friday, October 8, 2010

donation version (for those can't access paid apps)

CPS2HD is back in the market place!

If you can't access to CPS2HD in the market place, donation version (paypal/google checkout $5) is available.

Please email me ( for details.


For those who already donated, please send me an email with the following info.

-Full Name
-Paypal or Google checkout

For future update, I won't make the copy available publicly instead, will send out to these email list.


  1. Hay man. The last pass code you sent through yesterday didn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled to get a and sent through a fresh request for ya.

  2. How soon does it take for a passcode to be sent

  3. Adam, I sent you new one.

    Alvin, please send me an email with your full name that i can verify.

  4. Cheers for that Jrioni.

    In future update do you think you could enable system controls like in the PC emulators so we could change difficulty and switch on free-play that kind of thing?
    Or would that be hard to do cause of the variety of Android phones?

  5. Just tried your Jarcade app. Was hoping it would run as well as CPS2HD. I could only get Blues Journey and Final Fight to work. and they ran really slow.. Will you be working on that app to optimize it at all? If you could get a NeoGeo Emu to run as Well as CPS2hd I would go spastic. Its good to see CPs2HD back on the Market, Should the Donaters download it? Or do we not need to?

  6. There are ROMs Jarcade doesn't support but for neogeo, it should support most of ROMs.

    For donator, you don't need Market version.

  7. hi jrioni,was trying to find out when i would get my passcode?thanks

  8. Hey JRIONI can i have the link to download the free version of CPS2 cuz im still finding free CPS2 emulator