Monday, March 1, 2010

CPS2HD Wifi Network Play (AD-HOC mode)

Starting from v2.0.0, network play is possible on CPS2HD.


Right now, it supports wifi buddy mode only and future update will have online battle mode.

For Wifi Network Play (AD-HOC mode), both players need to be under the same wifi network.
(if you have "Tethering" capability, you can enable it and have other phone to connect to your phone :)

1. Enable wifi from the phone setting and launch CPS2HD.
2. Select "Network Play-Wifi Buddy".
3. Select "Player 1" or "Player 2"

Player 1 -> select "Connect".
Player 2 -> Ask player 1 and enter his IP address.

4. Load the same rom



Frameskip level is set by the player 1 at the beginning and can't be changed at runtime.
If games run slow, you can adjust frameskip level at the option setting.