Saturday, August 14, 2010

V3.3.0 Update

* V3.3.0 Update *
-Add Bluetooth support
(please let me know if WiiMoteController works on EVO with this update)
-Add Trackball support (=P1)
-Add P1/P2 start under the menu

* Instruction *
Please go to the donation version section and download cps2hd.apk to reinstall.

If you have cps2hd installed already, it'll reinstall and doesn't require new activation.


  1. thank you for updating.
    testing now

  2. I don't have an EVO, but I don't think the WiiMote works with any HTC phones that run Sense. I'm pretty sure the only way around it is a custom rom like cyanogenmod.

  3. Can you add a pad configuration similar to the one for the jarcade one ?
    I love how that one works.
    I love the CPS2 emu but the pad just doesnt do it for me.

  4. I flashed my phone with the latest firmware available from Kies and after I reinstalled CPS2HD it asks for the activation code. I sent 3 emails back and still no key :(

  5. Quick comment.
    In my opinion this guy makes the best damn emulators in the market for sure. The thing I truly feel you need to work on is your customer service support..the guy doing the droid emus is always replying and updating even though I feel they are not quite up to par to the level of your offerings but good customer support wins people and $$$
    just a thought :-)

  6. I had a Droid but i just bought a Droid X. I installed the apk and it prompted me for the code which it didn't accept. I had to e-mail the request.

  7. when you re-install the emulator, you need a newer passcode, it happens to me too :)

  8. Great emulator, unfortunate situation with the Market. I also had to reinstall and have now been waiting for 10 days for a working code. To his credit he has emailed me, but I wasn't able to get the code working. Hopefully he will get back in the market and this will all get automated.

  9. I updated to Froyo 2.2 the other day and reinstalled CPS2HD. I need a new key. I have sent an email requesting one through step 1. Are you still sending them out?