Friday, October 22, 2010

ver3.5.0 update

** Donation version update will also get sent out in ~3 days.

-Add new UI control skin
-Add touch button mapping

* you can change the button mapping in the option.
* if you want the old style UI, please select "onScreen Control UI" to Classic and "Screen Resolution" to Full Screen.


If you want to change or have a better idea on UI design, please comment at here :)


  1. this is fantastic as I just reinstalled froyo on my galaxy and lost the installation.
    waiting for the donation version of the updated version

  2. Hello I purchased the donation version and was wondering if the donation version of cps2hd icon will change? I have the akuma one that was banned by google and hate the new with controller on it. I know stupid question but I thought I ask. Thanks

  3. Sorry, i have to do the same for the donation version. So, no more akuma icon :(

  4. How about adding cps-1 support now ? :)

    Keep up the good work !

  5. 3 days passed .. no donation version in my mail

  6. Waiting for my update version.
    Do you plan to do any more work on the jarcade one? I cannot find a way to shift gears in Outrun with my Galaxy S...I love that emu btw :-)

  7. Just wondering can you put the player 1 start back in the menu. I still like classic more but can only start a 2 player game with it as the HTC desire only has 1 programmable key. Which is used for coin.

  8. Cheers man. I have both the donation and market version. Thought it was worth more than $5. Happy to support. Keep up the great work.

  9. Hello
    Is there a way to slow it down. Its. running very fast on my lg optimus 2x

  10. Turn off the frame skip option otherwise it goes crazy fast.

  11. I bought cps2 and I cant update it? what kind of bolshit is this man?