Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hotkey Mode Selection + Auto Hotkey Mode!

This is a new feature I recently added for CPS2&CPS2HD emulator.

Now, you can map the hotkey to one of preprogrammed move sequences.
It was previously mapped to Q.Circle only but now you can change it to Half Circle or Full Circle under Hotkey Mode from Menu.

And also, I've added "Auto Hotkey Mode".
This is to execute the hotkey using the left or right key.
But in order to trigger this, you must hold down one of punch or kick buttons first.

For example, to throw a fireball,
1. select "Q.Circle" under Hotkey Mode from MENU. (default=Q.Circle)
2. Hold down any punch button
3. Press LEFT/RIGHT key and it will execute the left/right hotkey + the punch button currently being pressed.
4. Repeat #3.

** In Q.Circle, you can also press UP key to execute the uppercut while holding down punch button.

With Full.Circle hotkey, Zangief is very much playable :)