Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ver 3.5.0 donator version

3.5.0 donator version got sent out today!

If you're a donator but didn't receive an email from me, please send me an email with your name and donation account (paypal or google) to verify.

For next release, I'll try to send it out to the donator list first, then get some feedback before releasing to the market.


  1. why don't you just remove the activation step?
    i hate when I have to wait as long as 10 days to receive the activation code.
    I paid for the emulator as a donor, just release the .apk and let us decide when we install it.
    there are many great paid apps that you just install after a reflash and work.. legit applications that are not violating any copyright (since you used the public free code from MAME devs and still charged for the emulator with no right -- thing that will get your app off the market again very soon)

  2. hi, first, i also want to get rid of the passcode steps.

    And for market buyer, it's automatic so, the process is almost instant.

    The latest attempt from Google didn't provide enough security so i can't really disable the protection.

    Even now, you can easily find pirated copy of my apps on many sites.

    For copyright, cps2hd doesn't contain MAME source. And the open source files (cps2 driver) that i used doesn't specify any limitation of use.

  3. But, like you, i'm really waiting for a moment that i can disable the activation process...because it's also lots work on my side.

    Google needs to provide a better way to protect apps!

  4. sent 2 emails for activation and still no passkey

  5. Can I get a refund if you can't release the apk for offline installation with no activation, since I reflash my firmware a lot ?
    I hate this security junk for nothing.. and no support at all.
    There are many paid applications out there, donor versions etc. that are unprotected and still making profit.. and everybody is happy.

  6. Finally the activation process was getting frustrating so I decided to take a look at the code.
    After a while (a few hours, mostly playing NFS: Hot Pursuit on my x360) I managed to get it working on another phone :D so there you have it: CPS2HD 3.5.0 (latest version) preActivated !!!
    Will release it soon in the usual places since the information should be FREE ( just like the MAME code :P )

  7. Do it with jarcade too please...that is an awesome emulator that needs to be open source since this guy, as patiente as I have been with him does not care about any of us...never replies to emails anything!