Monday, July 20, 2009


* Rom file has to be for CPS2 emulator.

* Visit for a compatibility list.

* Try to avoid rom file that needs a special instruction such as "only work if Decrypt option is activated"

* Some game needs two rom files.
Example> + (load + (load

* Press Hot Key once for fireball (quarter circle) and twice for upper cut

* Use PC tool to generate cache files and save your time!

* Stop Google Talk Service to minimize lag!

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> Google Talk Service -> click "Force Stop"

* As CPS2 game requires lots memory, Android system will try to close/kill background process(es) to free up some memory when you just load the rom file.

During this time, you could experience a lag but it should go back to normal after 10~20 seconds.

If you still experience a lag after this time, you can try to exit (back button) and reload the rom.

* For root user, you can overclock to 528Mhz and set frame skip level to 0 or 1.