Sunday, August 28, 2011

v4.0.0 Update

* v4.0.0 update

1. Better touch control and Honeycomb support (fix multitouch crash and network play issue).
2. Select Limit option under frameskip menu if game runs too fast.
3. Resize and position the game screen anywhere on the screen.
4. Resize and drag/drop the UI control icons anywhere on the screen.
5. Overlap two (or more) UI control icons to perform one-touch multi-buttons.

And cleaned up unnecessary menus.

* i will have a donator version ready in couple days and will notify through email :)


  1. It has been a week since I purchased this app, 3 updates have come out and I Still don'T have my passcode. Could you please email me.

  2. I have a few questions about this great emulator:

    1) could battery level affect lag?
    2) How do you actually press START on it?
    3) I purchased it via market and I got version 3.0. Is there any way for me to get the more updated version?
    4) I'm using Galaxy Ace and DDSOD runs with a lot of lag, no widgets, most processes closed. Do I need a better phone or is something wrong? I checked the Q&A about lag, no big difference from them.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Mirror the Sega 6 button, large dpad start and select in the center and 2 rows or 3 or 4 buttons.

    X,y,z, xyz
    Sensor support for 1944

  4. Won't let me purchase on market??? I bought 3.5.0 from here last year donator version but I'm not getting a reply with my passcode...screwed both ways! Not a happy customer. I bought 3.5.0 from here last year donator version but I'm not getting a reply with my passcode...screwed both ways! Not a happy customer.

  5. Hello, I'm have the same issues as some others. I wish I had bought this through the market, but I bought it as a donator version instead. Last update I got was for 3.5 and I have not gotten the email for the 4.0 update nor have I been able to get a replacement license key for my new device. This licensing method should be fixed or replaced by some other method specially since I would love to run this on my new Photon 4G and on my Xoom Tablet.

  6. Can you add external controller support? I have a usb/bt app that i want to use with it and my playstation controller is dying to play it.

  7. @Anonymous (DECEMBER 7, 2011 3:14 PM)

    You can use additional 'Sixaxis Controller' app that connects your PS3 controllers through bluetooth. Can be found at Market link

    It works great for me, but is an paid app though.

    Have fun!

  8. Is it possible to access the dip switch / service menu in this emulator?

  9. dude i downloaded your app yesterday, amazing !!! i got almost every cps2 game to work, perfect emulation on xperia play!!! one question though, is there a way to make it runs cps1 games?

  10. Hi,

    I bought this two days ago. ROMS are working great, but I need to resize the screen a bit smaller and can figure out how to do it. There isn't a window resize under 'options'. It is now appearing bigger than my viewable screen.

  11. How do i download this emulator ?

  12. Hi - using this on HTC Desire. Have tried Street Fighter Alpha, Marvel Vs Capcom and Marvel Vs Street Fighter. All are running incredibly slowly which I wasn't expecting. Have tried force closing all other apps which are running at the same time with no positive results. I noticed a user review on Market saying earlier versions used to work perfectly on HTC desire.

  13. I am still waiting for the donator version please.

  14. i'm still waiting for the activation code!
    thanks to send me!
    order : 1319868630752937

  15. This guys a f*ckin D Bag

  16. Is There Anyway To Change Da Button Layout Like in Arcade Version, 3buttons on top and 3 buttons right under
    1 2 3
    4 5 6 <------- like So

  17. he gave up on you fools

  18. Really really amazing emulator, i can play my favorite Street Fighter with my Xperia Play at full speed.
    Is there anyway to access the service menu anyway ?

  19. the screen buttom is a mistake in this app, I touch the buttom for thousands times, but nothing shows up...